Protein Granola Bars

May 13 2020 More information

Blueberry Flapjacks

April 28 2020 More information


April 9 2020 More information

Chicken or Haricot Bean and Avocado Soup

February 3 2016 More information

Orange and Cacao Power Balls

January 19 2016 More information

Breakfast Nutty Yoghurt

January 11 2016 More information

Toasted Seed and Nut Bread

November 10 2015 More information

And what about me ..? I'm Sam. I trained as a nutritionist a few years ago as a means of combining my love of food and interest in health. I love experimenting in the kitchen, am an avid collector of cookbooks and recipes and am weirdly attracted to great wholesome food! Oh, and I have a long suffering husband whose good health is due in no small part to my preoccupation.