A  Fridge Fill is a chance to fill your fridge, or freezer, with delicious healthy food that has been prepared exclusively for you and your nutritional needs.  Whether you are cooking at home and need a break, or a new mum with a new baby, have a house full of different nutritional needs or want to know there is always something in the freezer you can rely on.  Or maybe you want to detox or lose weight or you are training for a marathon or need foods to get you through the menopause.  You get the picture …

As a qualified nutritionist and natural chef I can guide you as to the best dishes for you.  Foods are mainly plant based although I can supply meat and fish dishes if you would like. You can book a Half Day or a Full Day service depending on how much food you would like. I will let  you know what can be achieved in the time available.  I can do main meals, soups, snacks and desserts.  I have included some examples of what is achievable below.

Half Day (3-4 hours)
Vegan lasagne with lentil ragout and cauliflower béchamel (6)
Lentil chilli (4)
Hippy Farm Beans (4)
Brainiac Brownies (makes approx. 20 small brownies)


Muhammara red pepper and walnut dip
Vegan shepherds pie (4)
Butternut squash and beetroot salad (not for freezing) (4)
Broccoli, pea and spinach soup (4)
Pecan banana bread (1 loaf)

I will source all the ingredients (organic if you like) and we will agree a date when you would like the food.   Everything is supplied in oven ready, recyclable foil containers of various sizes. All the cooking takes place in my own  kitchen in Chiswick and the food will be ready for collection at an agreed time (delivery in W4 is free). Ingredients are charged to you at cost.

I cannot cater to severe allergies as there is a risk of cross contamination.

The cost for a half day is £150 (plus ingredients) and for a full day £280 (plus ingredients).

Available from 18th February 2019