Do you find those in-between meal moments hard to fill? That they are typically satisfied with sugar laden, processed and shop bought products? Even the so called ‘healthy’ snacks aren’t particularly healthy – take a look at the sugar content on some! My idea is to supply you, on a regular basis, with snacks that are healthy, tasty and convenient. I will rotate, on a weekly basis, what is available. Some of the snacks that I love will be on the menu: Brainiac brownies, chocolate covered walnut protein bar, energy balls (of various flavours), raw superseed energy bars, vegan blueberry and lime muffins …

All snacks will be refined sugar and dairy free. I will let you know in advance which are gluten free and which are vegan. All will be suitable for freezing (and in many cases I recommend freezing on delivery and taking out as and when they are needed – even if it’s daily).

I will let you know what snacks are available a week in advance. Sign up by Friday for delivery the following week. Cost per delivery (which will be approximately 6  individual portions) will be £9 per week. If you choose to subscribe a month a time the cost will be £8 per week. Delivery to W4 is free. Delivery beyond may be subject to a charge.

Week commencing 23 April I will be making Granola bars